Buku Fixi

Okay..my bad. In my last post, I was complaining about the lack of Malaysian fantasy writers in the market when I was suddenly reminded by one of my onlingergasie friend that there’s this new Indie publisher in Malaysia that supposedly focussed on the fantasy genre.

What? How come I did not know that? I quick search on the name Buku Fixi brought me to this wonderful online shop which features a wide selection of books ranging from horror, thriller to even romance. Aggh…I’m so behind of the local literature scene. Must hack my head on the keyboard or something. I want to buy all of their books well maybe except the zombie ones because I hate zombies.

I want this one (Gergasi by Khairul Nizam Khairani which literally translates to Giants) the most because according to the info it’s about a gigantic robot who travels back to ancient times to battle it out during the Portuguese invasion. And guess what? After rushing to my nearest local bookstore like a crazy woman with my 4 year old in tow, I was severely disappointed that they don’t even have this book in stock. Sold out or not even sold? Sheesh…the clerk who barely speaks English is so unhelpful.

I’m guessing I have to order this online although I’m a bit wary after the BAD experience with a local online seller before. Let’s just wait till I get my hands on this book first. Review to come!


My favourite Malay author

Did you know there’s an annual contest for most popular Malaysian book?  Well yeah..I know Malaysians hardly read…so in the spirit of patriotism I will be reviewing books by Malaysian authors.. my favourite for the moment are by a certain Nurul Syahida.

Aku Kan Novelis

I really like this one coz the language is not too over dramatic,simple and realistic…the storyline is quite interesting too. You have the heroine Safiah Shuhaimi or Safi obviously a writer with a writer’s block who’s helping her two bestfriends; Helmi and Iza survive the harsh world of romance but instead find love herself in the most unlikeliest candidate..blonde haired, rude and rempit Roul.

I nearly shed a tear coz there’s a twist near the end. Quite sad and touching. One of my favourites! Wonder why it’s not nominated in the Anugerah Pilihan Pembaca Berita Harian/Popular 2010?

Verdict: 5 stars of course!

Soalnya Hati

This could be Nurul Syahida first published novel..probably as the story is so-so simple and not much spark..it’s so obvious that the two protagonist will eventually fall for each other..at first being enemies..then friends finally lovers.

 I think the background for her novels are mostly targeted for educated malaysian women…modern malay women as the reference to Charlotte Bronte , Toltstoy (em is that the correct spelling?) might be not familiar to some..but hey I like it!

Verdict: 3 stars.

Last but not least is Plain Jane..the story of plain and slightly chubby Balkis whose indiferrence to the perception of other people grab the attention of Zaniel a rich and handsome guy who tried to change Balkis to his liking..but as usual love can be found in the most unlikely places..and sometimes is actually under your own nose..or eyes..ehem..

Popular Bloggers

Whoa..apparently my small country has quite the blogger following. Look at some of these popular female bloggers.

1.Hanis Zalikha is Imageone of the most popular blog out there. Why? She’s a model and she has like 37,000 GFC followers. Crazy right?


2. Fatin Liyana– she’s cute as hell and she’s a Med student. Beauty and brains. No wonder over 40,000 people stalk her on GFC.Both of these blogs have won awards for their accomplishment in blogging. Yes, apparently Malaysian are quite obsessed with looks. Aside from political blogs, gossip blogs, we love cute and pretty girl who blogs.

Oh, dear. Since I’m neither pretty nor cute and too old to pretend to be one, (and will never be popular in Malaysian standards) I’m just going too drown my sorrow by looking at my cute little son.


It's me!

Hi, there! I’m Natasha and this is my other blog which is more personal in nature and featuring Malay books. I have another blog at blogger called Primrose Musings specifically for English books but I decided to have another one because:

1. I’m crazy

2. I’m OCD and I don’t like to mix English and Malay books for review in one blog

3. I’m just plain bored

4. I like to talk about myself sometime..hahaha

5. So this is basically a blog about me, my hobbies and my travels

Thanks for reading this 🙂