Buku Fixi

Okay..my bad. In my last post, I was complaining about the lack of Malaysian fantasy writers in the market when I was suddenly reminded by one of my onlingergasie friend that there’s this new Indie publisher in Malaysia that supposedly focussed on the fantasy genre.

What? How come I did not know that? I quick search on the name Buku Fixi brought me to this wonderful online shop which features a wide selection of books ranging from horror, thriller to even romance. Aggh…I’m so behind of the local literature scene. Must hack my head on the keyboard or something. I want to buy all of their books well maybe except the zombie ones because I hate zombies.

I want this one (Gergasi by Khairul Nizam Khairani which literally translates to Giants) the most because according to the info it’s about a gigantic robot who travels back to ancient times to battle it out during the Portuguese invasion. And guess what? After rushing to my nearest local bookstore like a crazy woman with my 4 year old in tow, I was severely disappointed that they don’t even have this book in stock. Sold out or not even sold? Sheesh…the clerk who barely speaks English is so unhelpful.

I’m guessing I have to order this online although I’m a bit wary after the BAD experience with a local online seller before. Let’s just wait till I get my hands on this book first. Review to come!


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