To Malay or not to Malay?

One of my dearest friend was commenting on how I read too much English books and not supporting local writers. Well…in my defense, I have to admit that my favourite genre is fantasy. Can you tell me a Malay author who writes fantasy books? Nada. Zilch. None. With the exception of the esteemed Ramlee Awang Murshid who writes horror ( mind you) and the occasional epic fantasy, the Malay literary landscape is practically devoid of fantasy writers. Don’t believe me? You want to google that one out. Malay fantasy writers. Nisah Hj. Haron was another fantasy writer I discovered when I was a teen but she hardly writes anymore. Is there no market for Malay fantasy writer? Sad indeed. Now, you cannot really force me to read a genre I detest. The occasional non- fiction is okay but I’m just too jaded to read another Malay novel about forced marriages.


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