Review: Telling it Straight

As an avid follower of her blog and an occasional reader of her newspaper column, I felt compelled to read this book. I have never met Marina Mahathir in person but I’m generally in awe with this woman. She has the guts to comment and criticize Malaysian government and policies for quite some time now and still remain free as a bird. I did not mean to say that there’s no freedom of expression in Malaysia but it’s a very delicate matter and the fact that Marina is the daughter of Malaysia’s former Prime Minister might ensure security in her boldness.

The book is divided into several themes; and the theme that is of interest to me is certainly Gender Policies. I love how articulate Marina is in her writings and although most of her articles are just a few paragraphs long, we get the gist of her thoughts. Eventhough I did not necessarily agree with all her arguments and points but I have to hand it to her for having the courage to say what she thinks which is wrong with the country. But I really must concur on her views regarding the general state of our education system and also the many limitations put upon by Malaysian society towards its female citizens.

Particularly on the fact that working women did not receive much support or understanding from the men..yes that is too common. Females are the majority in Malaysian universities and we earned distinguished degrees but we are still required to cook and clean when we came home from work. Gender bias? Tell me about it. It is too long ingrained on the minds of men (and yes women too) that the proper place for a women is in the kitchen. So what’s the point of telling us to study hard and sending us to colleges then?Why not just send us of to finishing schools or even culinary academy?

Not everyone can afford a maid and being a child partly raised by domestic servants is quite a lonely experience. I’m speaking from experience since I had a maid until my university days.

Now, I’m left wondering and desperately waiting for a female Minister or even politician to have even half of the intelligence of our dear Marina Mahathir.

P/S: My dear hubby, I love you but I’m just too tired (and lazy) to cook after work every day. Sorry.


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