Fresh from the oven

Aaahh…since my countless imaginary and half baked ‘novels’ are still under contruction, it’s nice to know that writing talents runs in the family..ehem..presenting DIINTAI RINDU by Junie Octovian. I was pleasantly surprised when my dearest aunt posted the cover of this book in her facebook page. It just makes you want to say TADA…hehe. As a neutral reviewer (I tried to be but well blood runs deep), I think the story can be a very good movie if it’s filmed. It’s got romance, action, fast and furious, drift, handsome hunks, (wonder where did my dearest aunt get all her ideas?) suspense, tragedy and happy ending. It’s about the many loves of Ain Zuraidah a successful, good looking and talented cook (damn she has it all) who fell in and out of love with several guys. Just shows that money doesn’t bring you happiness. But who can resist someone like Aaron?He’s too good to be true. Hey, if I could meet someone like that I would willingly sacrifice my beat up Gen2 just so we could accidentally bump on each other..hehehe


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