Review: Terzahir Di Sanubari

The problem with Malaysian literary is that it is too littered with romance novels, chick lits and well..more soppy love stories..I think we need more current Malaysian novels that shows strong modern women rather than heroines who ‘accidentally’ fell in love with a rich hero..yawn or nice kampung girl who fell for such prince charming..make it more interesting an aspiring writer i dreamed about such characters.. interesting, witty and successful women who in their way in life fell in love..LOL

So with such positivism yikes..i read terzahir di sanubari…the lead heroine is interesting enough but the hero (ejal or is it nazif?) is blah..typical malay guy..damn are all malay guys like this?honestly the story is dragging at times..but all in all the story is trying to convey the advice that well love and friendship can intertwine..a good read

Verdict: 2 stars


3 thoughts on “Review: Terzahir Di Sanubari

  1. Oh my. I hope my short review did not offend you in any way. Thanks for stopping by my humble blog. I’ll keep a look out for your new book. Do inform me if it’s already out. 🙂

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