My favourite Malay author

Did you know there’s an annual contest for most popular Malaysian book?  Well yeah..I know Malaysians hardly read…so in the spirit of patriotism I will be reviewing books by Malaysian authors.. my favourite for the moment are by a certain Nurul Syahida.

Aku Kan Novelis

I really like this one coz the language is not too over dramatic,simple and realistic…the storyline is quite interesting too. You have the heroine Safiah Shuhaimi or Safi obviously a writer with a writer’s block who’s helping her two bestfriends; Helmi and Iza survive the harsh world of romance but instead find love herself in the most unlikeliest candidate..blonde haired, rude and rempit Roul.

I nearly shed a tear coz there’s a twist near the end. Quite sad and touching. One of my favourites! Wonder why it’s not nominated in the Anugerah Pilihan Pembaca Berita Harian/Popular 2010?

Verdict: 5 stars of course!

Soalnya Hati

This could be Nurul Syahida first published novel..probably as the story is so-so simple and not much’s so obvious that the two protagonist will eventually fall for each first being enemies..then friends finally lovers.

 I think the background for her novels are mostly targeted for educated malaysian women…modern malay women as the reference to Charlotte Bronte , Toltstoy (em is that the correct spelling?) might be not familiar to some..but hey I like it!

Verdict: 3 stars.

Last but not least is Plain Jane..the story of plain and slightly chubby Balkis whose indiferrence to the perception of other people grab the attention of Zaniel a rich and handsome guy who tried to change Balkis to his liking..but as usual love can be found in the most unlikely places..and sometimes is actually under your own nose..or eyes..ehem..


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