Popular Bloggers

Whoa..apparently my small country has quite the blogger following. Look at some of these popular female bloggers.

1.Hanis Zalikha is Imageone of the most popular blog out there. Why? She’s a model and she has like 37,000 GFC followers. Crazy right?


2. Fatin Liyana– she’s cute as hell and she’s a Med student. Beauty and brains. No wonder over 40,000 people stalk her on GFC.Both of these blogs have won awards for their accomplishment in blogging. Yes, apparently Malaysian are quite obsessed with looks. Aside from political blogs, gossip blogs, we love cute and pretty girl who blogs.

Oh, dear. Since I’m neither pretty nor cute and too old to pretend to be one, (and will never be popular in Malaysian standards) I’m just going too drown my sorrow by looking at my cute little son.



It's me!

Hi, there! I’m Natasha and this is my other blog which is more personal in nature and featuring Malay books. I have another blog at blogger called Primrose Musings specifically for English books but I decided to have another one because:

1. I’m crazy

2. I’m OCD and I don’t like to mix English and Malay books for review in one blog

3. I’m just plain bored

4. I like to talk about myself sometime..hahaha

5. So this is basically a blog about me, my hobbies and my travels

Thanks for reading this 🙂